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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Acts of lasciviousness case was filed against Aljur Abrenica by NBI

After rigid investigation of two months, National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has sided the cased filed by a 15yr old girl against Aljur Abrenica an Actor.

NBI claims that they have enough evidence to pursue the case of acts of lasciviousness against the 19yr old actor.

NBI said, the two met April 19, 2009 at Peuerto Galera , Oriental Mindoro when the actor is promoting a brand of liquor. In between their chat Aljur allegedly hold her hand, arms, and shoulder, the complainant narrated. He even touch my breast as he acted unknowingly said the complainant.

On April 11, the two again met and the same thing supposedly happened including things like touched her waist and bottom as detailed by the girl.

As of this time NBI recommendation on the case is still at the Chief State Prosecutor's office pending for a decision to pursue the case or not against Aljur.

Aljur consecutively denies the allegation that he did things inappropriate to the girl. He said, "As for myself, I will settle this until the truth will come out."

Hmmmm, something smells fishy here. Not that I side Mr. Aljur but as the complainant said allegedly she was touched at the firs encounter. Why did she meet him again on the second day and again supposedly took advantage of her?

I don't have the side story of Mr. Aljur so in this case I might presumed that the complainant chat with the actor with wine and food maybe just to spice their meeting. Maybe Aljur did something to her but the question is that, did she ever resisted? Did she said No? And at that following day she see him again, and same thing or much more allegedly happened that day.

If I was the girl, I might not see him anymore because im afraid he will again take advantage of me again. Unless I liked the way he touches me so what the heck, his gorgeous.... I want to see him again.

Just my two cents....